Carl Zeiss Distagon 21 /2.8 retrofocus lens

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... for sale: cameras and other items ...

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1) Rolleflex T1 (TLR camera 6x6, grey, model K8T, 1959) (SOLD)

2) Mamiya C220 with 80 mm lens (TLR camera) (SOLD)

These cameras will be on sale soon:

3) Rollei SL 66 with lenses and original case

4) Hasselblad SWC + film back

5) Nikon F with 50 mm lens

6) Canon FTb with 50 mm lens

7) Canon Ae-1 with lens and case

8) Fuji GSW690 II (a.k.a. Texas Leica)

9) Leica R4S (black body) in original case

(Please send me an email for requesting more info)


  Nikon F Photomic


"Have fun and catch that light beam!"
Bert from Holland

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"... avoiding the common illusion that creative work depends on equipment alone ..." (Ansel Adams in his book "The Camera")

"... I enjoy vintage cameras as “users,” rather than imprisoning them in some display case"

"... It's the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight ...

"... but I just love the good natured mirth you provided ..." (a complement I enjoyed receiving)


(The lens scematics in my logo is a Carl Zeiss Distagon 21 /2.8 retrofocus lens)

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