Carl Zeiss Distagon 21 /2.8 retrofocus lens

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... about analogue photography & cameras ...

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Here are some of my favorite cameras:

Mamiya C330f, Nikon S2, Hasselblad SWC, Fuji GSW690 II, Leica SL, Leica M3, Leica M7, Russian FKD 18x24, Bronica GS-1, Bronica SQ-B, Bronica RF645, Yashica Mat 124-G, Nikon F, Nikon F4s, Nikon FM3A, Canon F-1 New, Olympus Pen FT, Agfa Clack and all of my (wooden) pinhole cameras. (Oh, and I do own a digital camera: a Nikon D200.)


My Nikon rangefinder camera from 1954, a S2 with 50/1.4 lens:

My Yashica Mat 124-G:

My Mamiya C330f with 80 mm lens:

My Leica Standard (from 1932):

Leica Standard from 1932 Leica Standard from 1932 - front view

My Nikon F (from 1967) and Nikon F4s:

My Bronica SQ-B with 80 mm lens:

Bronica SQ-B camera

My Bronica GS-1 (6x7) with 50 mm lens:

My wooden 5x7 inch camera "Marion" from the 1860's:

My Agfa Clack:

(BTW: The Clack is a perfect camera to be turned into a pinhole camera with ease)

My Widelux F7 (panorama camera):

My Woca 120G (predecessor from Holga, but with glass lens):

camera Woca 120G

My light meters:

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"Have fun and catch that light beam!"
Bert from Holland

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"... avoiding the common illusion that creative work depends on equipment alone ..." (Ansel Adams in his book "The Camera")

"... I enjoy vintage cameras as “users,” rather than imprisoning them in some display case"

"... It's the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight ...

"... but I just love the good natured mirth you provided ..." (a complement I enjoyed receiving)


(The lens scematics in my logo is a Carl Zeiss Distagon 21 /2.8 retrofocus lens)

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